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~ Friday, February 27, 2004


(Note: if text is underlined -- and turns red when you put your cursor over it -- it is a link to a picture that you can open by clicking on the link)

Molly weighed 18 pounds this morning -- up from 14.5 at her first trip to the vet a little over a week ago. You can see the difference in size just by going back to some of the early pictures of her. For contrast, here is a picture that I took this morning.

Pauline has written about Molly's little green bed. Growing bigger means it is harder to fit into the bed. But she still can manage if she curls real tight.

One of the nice things about having a puppy is that their ability to really chew hard is still limited. So, there are lots of things just sitting around the kitchen that can become great toys -- from her standpoint -- and that she cannot, at this time tear into little pieces. The green bed also serves as a toy box.

Here is another picture that also gives you an idea of how she is growing.

Part of growing up is taking walks on a leash. We went on another walk in the park yesterday. She is doing really well -- not fighting the leash. Real serious training starts in a few weeks, but she is off to a great start. Here is a picture of Molly when she needed a break from walking, with Pauline dressed for the sharp winds we had yesterday.
~ Thursday, February 26, 2004

Acadia National Park Schoodic Section

Molly went for her first walk in the National Park on Wednesday.

Which also means she had another ride in the car.

The ride was more successful than the first couple, but she still isn't crazy about cars.

At the park she didn't mind the leash. And, she walked quite a ways.

She scrambled down some rocks with Bill and then sat quietly and watched the view.

Click Here to see her.

~ Wednesday, February 25, 2004

How Big?

Molly is 9 weeks old today.
She weighs 16 pounds.
I thought it might be interesting to watch her grow using Spike as a yardstick. So, here is a picture of the two of them side by side today.

To see the same picture larger, click here: HowBig.jpg

She also invented a new game today. She runs across the floor and plops her front feet onto her little green bed. Since the base of the bed is nylon, she gets a good free ride across the floor. Nice to know the bed has utility as a toy since she won't fit in it much longer.


Spike and Molly were playing in the (relatively) warm weather yesterday -- and, out of one sequence of shenanigans, Pauline got a very funny picture. Click Here.  Do you suppose that was just a snowball? Or a custard pie ...
~ Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sleeping Through the Night

Well, Molly decided it was not worth getting up until 5:20 AM today. Something that Bill and I certainly appreciated.

And, she seems to have decided that the trip down to the ocean is worth falling through the snow a lot. It is a long journey, as you can see--about 180'. But we went again today.

Yesterday she went (was carried--we aren't really interested in having her get used to walking out of the yard yet) to meet the people at the Gouldsboro Town office and today we met the workmen next door. She seems to like people. Not afraid. Not overly aggressive. Just interested. And it is a bonus if they pet her.

She comes when you call her. She likes banana. She loves Spike. She likes her new crate. Life is good.
~ Monday, February 23, 2004

Spike and Molly

Everyone seems to ask what Spike thinks of this idea of having a new puppy in the house. As you can see, he is very tolerant. If you don't know Spike ... he is getting on toward 14, and has been dealing with cancer and general old age --- and is a generally longsuffering fellow. As you can see.

Sometimes I get the sense that the questions from him is "Do I have to do this?"

But, on the other hand, he generally likes company.

Molly is mostly respectful and in awe of him. He reinforced that awe once, last night, when she stepped over some kind of line and he gave a really fierce growl, which sent her away like a bullet, whimpering. Good for him.

One good feature of this for Spike is that with all the attention being paid to dogs (people in the kitchen MUCH more than usual), he is getting more attention too. And much appreciation for his being who he is.
And, not incidentally, hamburger that we cook for Molly and give to him, too.

Molly's Little Green Bed

I got Molly a tiny (12" across?) green fleece bed. I figured it would not last long, but that she could ride home from Lakeville in it and curl up in it when she was cold. She actually did spend her first few nights here in it. But, it looks like it will have to turn into a pillow soon.


It snowed last night. When Molly came out to "help" she had fine adventures chasing snow, walking down to the shore and just generally frolicking in the white stuff.
She had fun trying to bite Bill. BeingBad.jpg
And, she plowed through snow much deeper than she was. Tallorder.jpg

Busy morning

This was little monster morning. High energy and into biting and barking. So, lots of rolling her over on her back -- and lots of growling back when I did that. My guess is that now that she has been here for 4-5 days, some kind of shyness is wearing off. And, she is getting bigger. 14.5 pounds when we picked her up on Wednesday, 16.5 pounds yesterday.

I don't mean to be too negative. She also wants to please. But it is clear that without firmness, she would grow into a real handful of trouble. Eighty pounds of it. Yikes.

On the plus side, she is getting a clearer idea that outside is the place to pee and defecate. Accidents in the house are fewer (though this requires eternal vigilance).

When she was outside at 6:30 this morning the seagulls were crying. That stopped her in her tracks. She thinks snow is wonderful. If you dive into it, little snowballs scatter, and you can dive again at them, and so on.
~ Sunday, February 22, 2004

Big Snow

About 6 inches of snow came down last night. Taking Molly out last night was ... funny ... also cold. She was not at all sure how to squat for a bowel movement in such deep stuff.

She did a pretty good job of sleeping the night through again.

She thinks the snow is GREAT! Bounces around. Wants to chase Spike, but he isn't taking her up on it.

She managed to get DOWN the stairs today. Had to bark at the stairs a couple times, because it is a scary business, but she did it. Both back legs come down at once.

Today was the first day we closed her in her crate with the gate shut. That is where she is now. It seems fine if she is ready for sleep when you put her in.

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