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~ Friday, February 20, 2004


Today was a red-letter day -- early this morning Molly figured out how to climb up the back porch stairs. It was touch and go at first -- kind of a hauling up of herself. But, by this evening, she was a pro. As in, when I let her out to pee, and she didn't want to be out, she just turned around and headed up the stairs.

Now ... heading down the stairs ... that is another matter ...
~ Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Molly Looks Ahead

Having set out on her new course, Molly looks down the road toward things to come. (Later, she figured out that this made her car sick, and so decided it was best to hide from the road ahead.)

(This is another picture from the trip back on the 18th).

Molly Starts Out

This is a picture of Molly on her way home on Wednesday, Feb 18. At this point, she is exactly eight weeks old (she was born on Christmas Eve) and had been away from Mom, brothers, and sisters for all of 10 minutes.  She had six hours of riding ahead of her.

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