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~ Friday, May 07, 2004

50 pounds

Happened to weigh Molly this evening and ... she weighed 50 pounds ! She is about 4 - 1/2 months old now (she was born on Christmas eve). Big girl

Today she entered a new phase with water. We were down at the shore behind our house at high tide -- waves were coming up on the rocks and there was lots of seaweed and stuff floating around. So, she walked in to investigate, began pawing at it, sticking her nose in the water ... then this suddenly became a great game -- much like she does with snow, where she jumps and sees that the stuff (snow, water, sand, whatever) leaps on ahead of her -- so she jumps again -- and it leaps away again, and then faster, and faster ... and it is all very exciting.

Pretty soon she was leaping about in deeper and deeper water, laying down in it, jumping up, running up onto the shore, running in circles, then leaping back into the water.

She got very wet.

Never actually swam ... but she sure thinks the water is great.

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