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~ Tuesday, April 20, 2004

17 Weeks Today--Little Green Bed Report

Molly will be 17 weeks old tomorrow, April 21. You remember the little green bed? So does Molly. But she doesn't use it much anymore, except as a place to keep her toys. But, it is a good place to sit while you study golf balls.
And, for a little more size comparison, we give you Spike and Molly--dog or puppy? Remember, Spike weighs over 80#.

40 pounds

Molly passed the 40 pound mark this weekend. Every once in a while, when we look at her, she surprises us and looks like a dog rather than a puppy.

Still cannot ride in cars.

She has the best time with her golf ball. Like -- she studies it. She put is down on our old floors, watches it roll -- picks it up and puts it down someplace else. A dog physicist.

She loves the beach (rocks and seaweed are what passes for our beach. I guess I should say "shore.") Things to eat. Much to sniff. The other morning there was a thin layer of ice on the little pond where the fresh water runs into the ocean. She would put her paw on it, watch it crack, jump back, stare, and try again. "Yo, Bill, come check this out!" "Yes, Molly, it is ice. I know about ice." "No, really, this is really weird. You should check it out."

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