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~ Friday, April 02, 2004

Car Rides, Ears, Trust

Molly has had a busy last few days.

She went to the Vet on Thursday and got the last of her puppy shots. She can now socialize freely with other dogs. And, she has a pretty new gold rabies tag to hang on her collar.

But the biggest news about the trip to the vet is that it is a 30 mile round trip on some rolling hills and she didn't get sick!

That is by far her longest rider to date without tossing her cookies. Spike was proud of her.

We found out this week that we need to tape her ears down for a while so that they do not flop about in the wind like a propeller. We are NOT going to crop her ears, but this gives them a more pleasing droop--like her Dad Max's ears have.

She wasn't too crazy about the process of applying black tape to both ears and under her chin but she forgot about it fairly quickly.

As you can see, she has decided to trust Bill anyway.

And, we offer for your consideration another version of The Kiss.

~ Wednesday, March 31, 2004

14 Weeks

Molly was 14 weeks old today. She weighs 32 pounds and is 17" from neck to base of tail and from neck to floor. She spent the day: eating, at "the shore" out in the back yard, sleeping, and taking a practice drive to the town hall and the post office.
She isn't at all sure she likes the car yet, but at least the post office is close (the whole trip was ~ 1 mile) and she didn't get sick. We both liked that.

Getting Older

Molly turns 14 today -- 14 weeks. Spke is working on 14 YEARS. At right you see a picture of Molly sitting on Pauline's lap. She weighed 32 pounds today. Lots of growth just in the last week.

Here is another nice picture of Molly and Pauline -- a little bigger.

Over the last two days I have seen a real change in her level of independence. I think that we are in for some interesting times. A few days ago, while walking across the yard, she still stuck real close. Now she ranges more -- she has her own ideas of where she wants to go (down by the rosebushes along the shore). She comes cheerfully when called -- but then heads back to where she came from. Also, more interested in charging off if you move toward her. Sigh. Looks like the next weeks will need some more structured training. We HAVE been doing a fair amount of leash work, which she is doing well with. I am thinking more like working on "Come" with a long lead.

While we are talking about 14, here is a picture of Spike. Back legs are increasingly less reliable. Sometimes he just falls down and needs to be picked up to get his footing again. He is still very present -- not at all off in la-la land.

Molly is generally good company -- surprisingly so for such a young dog. She ventures down into the basement now -- so, now, wherever you are in the house, she is there.

One last picture. I call this one "The Kiss."

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