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~ Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sweet Success

Not for Want of Trying

Shower Power

Molly has a new haunt.
Not what you would think.

She investigates the drain.
And barks, in case anyone is there.

She checks the scrub brushes.
She licks soap residue.

And reports: "Hmm. Raining inside.
Again. This morning."

~ Monday, March 15, 2004

Larger Still

Here are some pictures from tonight. Molly and Spike play a pair of dogs.
Molly will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday--Mar 17. A whole 3 months. And gosh, but that little green bed is shrinking!
~ Sunday, March 14, 2004

Getting Bigger Still

On February 19, the day after we brought Molly home, I took her to the vet in her crate. Bad move. She was not used to the crate and not used to the car. She was very car sick and spent most of the afternoon asleep in her crate. She has since gotten very used to the crate and happily spends a lot of time in it. (She is still working on the car sick thing.) But we were comparing shots of her in the crate on Feb 19 (left) with the way she fits today Mar 14 (right) and thought that you might like to compare too.

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