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~ Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Lap Dog Molly and Bug in a Rug Molly

Molly really wants to be a lap dog. She sees problems with that if Bill doesn't start growing his lap soon. (On the left, "little" Molly - 8 weeks old - on her first trip home. On the right, Molly today, at 11 weeks.)

Molly also invented a game tonight--a variation on "Bug in a Rug" I guess...she rolled up in the kitchen rug and seemed quite proud of herself.

~ Sunday, March 07, 2004

Good Molly, Terrorist Molly

Mostly, the experts seem right about this tenth week. Molly is a lot more pleasant to be with ... not just because she bites less, but also because there is more to who she is. She is getting to be better company. There is more tail wagging when she sees us, more willingness to just sit and be petted. Less the little wild thing and more of a friend.

Another thing we notice is that when she is outside, she moves faster. There is the beginnings of real running, and less "bunny hopping." A sign of things to come.

Spike has introduced her to the woods and bushes on the side of the yard. Great place.

Getting up and down the stairs in the house is no longer a big deal. Now she can charge up and down.

It would be wrong, however, to paint this as a period of all sweetness and light. There are still those moments when she decides that she really wants to be a puppy terrorist ("terrierist"?). As you can see from this picture ("Uh-oh, I am in trouble again"), we have ways to deal with terrorism.

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